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Extended Family (2012)

by Patrick Kendrick(Favorite Author)
3.26 of 5 Votes: 5
1612183107 (ISBN13: 9781612183107)
Thomas & Mercer
review 1: Yikes. Ok, this book is pretty well written, in my humble opinion. I mean, it uses proper grammar for the most part, intact, complete sentences, and a pretty good vocabulary. But, c'mon. How much blood, guts and gore can one reader take? And the descriptive nature of such carnage was too much. So, to keep this brief, I thought the premise was an interesting one, although somewhat unbelievable, but it just had way to much bloodshed and butchery for my liking.
review 2: This is what Booklist reviewed: Advanced Review – Uncorrected Proof Issue: June 1, 2012Extended Family. Kendrick, Patrick (Author) Jun 2012. 380 p. Amazon/Thomas & Mercer, paperback, $14.95. (9781612183107). Amazon/Thomas & Mercer, e-book, $9.99. (9781612188188). This remarkable novel spin
... mores subjects we’ve been hearing about lately: psychopaths, serial killers, terrorists, and genetic tinkering. It contains some of the most gut-clutching murders in modern crime fiction, one after the other, fascinating and repellant, like watching a rattler close in on a mouse. Hero Greymon Gift has an unusual occupation: he’s a fire marshal, applying detective methods to burn scenes. The one he’s investigating in the opening chapters goes strange: FBI agents swarm in, along with creepy types, CIA or worse. The link seems to be a sperm-donor bank, and suddenly we’re confronting evil as something carried in the genes. Can it be manipulated, as with the Nazis’ attempts to breed superwarriors? This is the underpinning to the thrill-a-minute plot, carried along by vivid writing: “The sun was so bright shadows could not exist.” And also by a sinister conceit: we are not just victims of evil but often its unknowing agents as well. There’s a bit of Dexter here, without the fey humor. The colorful style is a constant delight. And the undercurrents are unsettling. Put Kendrick on your must-read list, and move him near the top of the pile. — Don Crinklaw � less
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Absolutely horrible, think Nicholas Sparks writing about a serial killer
maybe i should have given 2 stars since i actually finished it. *ungood*
Grisly, but well done.
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