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Me...Jane (2011)

by Patrick McDonnell(Favorite Author)
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0316045462 (ISBN13: 9780316045469)
Little, Brown Books for Young Readers
review 1: Reading Level: 3.2Interest Level: K-3Awards:New York Times Best BooksCaldecott HonorThe story of you Jane Goodall and how her love for nature and animals leads her to one day fulfilling her childhood dreams. Exploring as a child with her toy chimpanzee leads to growing up and working and researching about real chimpanzees. A great story to share in talking about dreams and what students want to do when they grow up!
review 2: Through this illustrated biographical story, we are taken on a journey through the past to discover the inciting events that led the well know animal rights activist, Jane Goodall, to pursue a life dedicated to studying animals. As a young girl, Jane’s love for monkeys all started with a stuffed animal chimpanzee named Jubilee. With Jubi
... morelee by her side, Jane extensively researched more about animals and even found out first hand in her Grandma Nutt’s chicken coop where eggs come from. Considering her connection to nature and animals, she naturally identified with Jane in the story of Tarzan and often dreamt of living in among the animals of the African jungles. Little did she know that one day her childhood dreams would become a reality devoted to helping animals.Learning about Jane Goodall’s childhood and how her early experiences have defined who she is today, evokes the main themes of passion and perseverance. After reading about Jane McDonnell’s childhood passion of helping animals, the teacher could have the students think about a dream or passion that they have and write about what they could do to achieve their dream or pursue their passion in the future. As a whole, the teacher could create a “dream book” that contains all of the students’ ideas or an individual books for each student, which describes their dreams and the goals they set to help them achieve their dream in the future (classroombookshelf.blogspot.com). An extension of this activity could be to create goals for the class and individual students. Each student could think of academic and personal goals they want to set for themselves and how they hope to attain their goals. less
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I love anything with Jane Goodall,with that said this book is nothing short of amazing.
E MCDONNELL, P. About Jane Goodall as a young girl and her dreams.
A cute picture book about Jane Goodall as a child.
This book actually brought out the feels a bit.
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