The Worst Fairy Godmother Ever! The Wish List #1

Isabel did not want to go to the Fairy Godmother Home For Normal Girls. Who would want to be in a place with no princesses? No wands? No sparkles!

Failure in Fairy Godmother Training meant a life of non-magical jobs. Unfortunately for Isabel, scholarly effort was not her strong suit. She’d far rather build cloud castles than study The Official Rule Book for Fairy Godmothers. It was hard to compete with her sister, Clotilda. Highly skilled at the fine art of fairy godmother gift-giving, Clotilda knew which magical blessings to give new babies, how to turn raisins into black convertibles, and how to put a princess into a long sleep when all else failed.

Isabel was not one to play by the rules. At her first opportunity, she snuck into Grandmomma’s forbidden office. Though she didn’t know how sparkles worked, she picked up two fistfuls. At first, the room seemed lighter and brighter, almost like it was alive. Then something completely unexpected happened. Isabel knew she had to get away, before she caused more damage.

Off to class went young Isabel. While her friends were busy turning mice into unicorns, Isabel lost track of her mouse entirely. When the time came to find out who her first Princess would be, Isabel was shocked to learn she’d be paired with a young lady named Nora who didn’t care about charming princes. Nora was far more concerned about the world of nature, and helping other people. Isabel was at a loss. What’s a Fairy Godmother to do for a serious princess?

Sarah Aronson turns the world of Sparkly Princesses upside down. What starts out as a funny story takes a serious turn when Nora’s stepmother confides in Isabel that she’d made a wish on a shooting star. Such wishes call on very old, very powerful magic. Suddenly Isabel finds herself confronting unsettling problems and deep-rooted fears. One broken rule might mean banishment from the School—or far deeper consequences.

Sarah Aronson earned her MFA at the Vermont College of Fine Arts. Discover more Sparkle Power at:

–Kate Calina

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