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Kama (2011)

by Paul G. Bens Jr.(Favorite Author)
3.7 of 5 Votes: 4
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review 1: Edward, our narrator, fifty something, has just been deserted by, Jesse, his lover of twenty four years. He is sitting in a bar when he is approached by a young Asian guy, Kama, in his twenties who recognises Edward's loneliness and comes to offer him solace, saying he shares such loneliness. Although initially rejecting Kama's advances, he eventually succumbs, and they soon find themselves sharing a bed. Edward learns that Kama is in the States searching for his American father, Edward offers to help him, but it all is not as straight forward as it seems.A very short by interesting tale with an ironic twist.
review 2: I forgot I had this and was looking for something short on my Sony reader to fill a 20 minute train journey. I enjoyed the start of the story,
... morefelt all the sadness of the older character and the sweetness of a chance encounter. The twist blindsided me a bit, especially as I was tired after a full day. Clever, but I was left thinking 'that was clever' rather than getting any sort of emotional response, perhaps because it was so short. less
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Kama is now out of print. Thanks to all who read and commented.
Lovely, with a sad ending. How ones past can come to haunt us.
Beautiful, breathtaking story
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