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Toe Tag (2011)

by Paul G. Bens Jr.(Favorite Author)
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review 1: I absolutely love the last part when he mentioned about the hacksaw and the sound of bone being chewed away. Have no idea it was an erotic horror.I've always thought I have an unhealthy obsession toward my boyfriend's cute toes (little piggy, as Cyrus called it). How wrong I was when I assumed mine was unhealthy. Clearly Cyrus' beats mine to shame.The descriptions of Victor Wong and Tery's (with one r) feet are deliciously vivid, it was almost beautiful from the point of view of my deranged mind.If I like this book, does it make me a perv? Well, I thought I was already one.
review 2: Nothing turns Cyrus on like a great pair of… feet. In his words, he needs to “see them, touch them, worship them, fuck them.” And lucky Cyrus. He works at Barney’s Shoe d
... moreepartment! It’s there that he picks up Tery and invites him home to dinner. Steamy sex (who knew feet could be so sexy) and mental madness equals a great short story. Forty pages of highly recommended reading. less
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Toe Tag is now out of print. Thanks to all who have read it and commented.
Definitely a good read, with a surprising ending (to say the least)!
Really liked it. Definitely a "surprise" ending. :)
huh, that was surprising ....
Gristly, but well written.
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