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Response (2009)

by Paul Volponi(Favorite Author)
3.73 of 5 Votes: 1
0670062839 (ISBN13: 9780670062836)
Viking Juvenile
review 1: First of all, this book was extremely short so it took no time at all but I didn't like how this book was written. The racism and racial slurs were awful but it's an eye opener to how life used to be, I don't think anyone is this ignorant anymore but the biggest point is the way they talked and acted and then blamed everyone else for how they were treated. If they would've acted like class and respected themselves and each other, maybe the "white" people would've respected them as well.
review 2: Author Project/ Paul VolponiI have a new appreciation few issue novels, especially how Volponi writes them. The main character, is reluctant teen father, who is victimized by a hate crime on his way to steal a car. Volponi makes no bones about it confronting racism bet
... moreween communities and within the judicial system. For me these books are windows into experience that I almost can't comprehend. I would like to here from those who read them as mirrors. less
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The book was great and it related to some of my family life but nothing as bad and sad like that
A bit heavy handed. I thought "Rooftop" had more complexity.
It was an okay read but not my favorite.
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