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Through The Bomb's Breath (2013)

by Peggy Eddleman(Favorite Author)
4.05 of 5 Votes: 4
Random House Children's
Sky Jumpers
review 1: Hope loves to jump through the bomb's breath, which most people in the town of White Rock think will kill who ever goes into it. The bomb's breath is a layer of air that is more dense than regular air, so everything moves slower through it. The bomb's breath is one of the side effects of the green bombs that destroyed the planet during World War III. There are very few survivors. Technology is gone, and the most important skill in White Rock is inventing. Hope is not an inventor. She struggles to find her place in the town and is put to the test when a group of bandits take over. Will she be able to save everyone?
review 2: ARC provided by NetGalley:A different take on the ever popular apocalyptic/dystopian storyline, this promising new series centers around th
... moree premise of a world devastated by the bombings of World War III. The air in certain areas is deadly, societies are now located in isolated clusters, and new inventions are valued above all else. Told from the perspective of twelve-year-old Hope, we see this new world through her eyes along with her spirit of adventure that will ultimately be called upon to save her community. This is a great adventure series for younger readers with a strong female lead character, which is always a plus! less
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Dystopian for young readers with a fresh twist. Exciting, well-written, clean and fast paced.
Not bad, but for a better middle grade post-apocalyptic type story, try The City of Ember.
Enjoyed listening to this with the kids on a 5 hour road trip. This is a great story!
A good dystopic chapter book for older elementary age kids.
A fun MG adventure!
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