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Aflame (2000)

by Penelope Douglas(Favorite Author)
2.93 of 5 Votes: 6
review 1: Why Penelope why??? I'm not at all happy about this. Tate and Jared already went through too much In Bully and I thought they finally had their HEA and then this happened. Ugh! I really really hope that neither Jared or Tate be unfaithful towards each other. Even if they are broken up. I will not like it at all. I like the idea of Tate having only been intimate with Jared. :/ I pray to god that this is not a disappointment. I feel like I need to prepare myself before I start aflame. I'm gonna read all reviews and get a idea of what this is really about. Still not sure if I'll read this.
review 2: I can not wait for this book!!! Penelope Douglas' stories are known for their painful journey toward a happily ever after. The sweet is that much sweeter because the j
... moreourney usually hurts. Jared and Tate found each other in Bully, but they're so young, so it's not all that surprising that they'd hit some road blocks. Big ones. And for me, a reader who LOVES to feel EVERYTHING, the good and the bad, the joy and the pain, the angst and the relief, Penelope Douglas nails it every time. I have faith in Jared and Tate... And I have faith in this author that she'll do justice to them and their story. And I can't wait to see it! less
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You are one amazing woman. Thank You so much for more of Jared and Tate. Cant wait, honestly.
I am excited about this book. I love the idea that Jared and Tate's story is more realistic.
OH MY DAMN!!!!! I just about peed my pants!!!!!
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