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Dawn Of The Morningstar (2012)

by Penelope King(Favorite Author)
4.2 of 5 Votes: 2
Ascension Press
review 1: Ahh, finally. We get answers to the questions that remained from books 1 and 2. Spoiler alert. Don't keep reading if you really don't want to know the answers.First, all the things we learn and why I liked this book and series. Callie does find her mom and surprisingly, the story she tells isn't what I expected. Callie also learns that her mom loves her and her dad, that she kept on eye on them over the years, and that Del is actually her biological father. Basically, a lot of the preconceptions she held where not accurate. Her mom was not bad, just that she made a lot of mistakes.I also like that Callie starts to grow in her powers. The first book began with all of the things she could do, but the next book was more about filling in blanks and getting the history/mystery.... more Everyone else was growing in powers, except her. I like that in this book, she starts to learn more about her gifts and how powerful they are. The scene where she almost died had me convinced that Ana was trying to make her forget Nicolas by ripping out her heart. I love that this was not the case, but it definitely had me reading fast through the next pages to find out what the heck was going on.And finally, Justin. I still find it weird that she felt as much as she did for her "friend." That relationship came across as more than friends more often than not. It is a little sad that he doesn't remember her. However, I don't disagree with it. I also like how the story gave background on Savannah and had Callie "pushing" Justin into working things out with her. The ending was a little weird for me.The part where she gets her rings; the whole ceremony behind it felt unreal / a little cheesy to me. I do understand that they were descended from Gods, it just still felt off to me. Aside from that, the book flowed pretty well and I got the answers I wanted after finishing book 2. Would I still recommend it? Yes, but I think it is more suited to the YA crowd. There were definitely some great moments that anyone who enjoys this genre will like, but for the most part, if you aren't into this kind of thing, you may not find this series to be the best read for you.
review 2: I really loved this whole series and was sad to see it come to an end. It was great to watch Calista develop and transorm and become strong. I don't want to revel spoilers, but I thought the unpredictable twists were great and always kept me wanting to read more. I'm super stoked there will be another book in Spellbound after this one..hopefully many more! I think what I liked best about theses books, especially the last one was that it was NOT super typical and formulaic like so many other books I read. There was a genuine story with growth and development, not all was perfect but thats why it felt so real and good. One of my all time fave series and authors. less
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Brilliant!! Kept me up till 2am reading it. Once I'd started didn't want to stop.
Love this series :) Excited there will be (at least!) one more!
It's a good light read.
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