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First Debt (2014)

by Pepper Winters(Favorite Author)
4.41 of 5 Votes: 2
1503149307 (ISBN13: 9781503149304)
review 1: Nila, Jethro and The Hawks are back....When we left off in the first book, Nila Weaver was running for her life from the devil himself... In First debt can she actually be running towards him? First Debt is the second installment of The Indebted series. Pepper Winters continues to maintain her title as the Queen of dark and twisted. How does she have the ability to make you fall for a monster?? Maybe it's because only she has the ability to make a black heart beat! This book is all consuming, totally combustible and hugely addictive. Each word has purpose. There is no filler. With each page turned, you are drawn in deeper....There was such an intense metamorphosis within Jethro and Nila. Both transforming into unrecognizable beings! Jethro's stone cold exterior is crumbli... moreng. Is it possible for his heart to thaw out??? He is rabidly trying to fight his feelings and desires. Trying to maintain his frigit persona and be a well conditioned Hawk. What is it about Nila that makes him lose control?? Nila Weaver has proven to be a worthy opponent. She Isn't a suppressed little girl anymore. She has gained power through unlikely circumstances. The more the Hawks throw at her the better she thrives. Can she use her sexuality to tame the savage beast ....or is he taming her in the same way? The sexual tension between the two is like a white hot inferno. So hot it's palpable.... Unbridled passion throughout. This is an epic battle of wills. A power play by both. Transferring the power back and forth. Who will be the victor? Beauty or the beast? We learn Jethro and Nila are one in the same but very different. Thrown together against their free will. Destined since birth. Can their destiny be changed without their demise? There are still many unknown secrets to be discovered... so much danger and intrigue. I can't wait to see where this series goes. I just hope my heart can take it......Back to Jethro... ahhh Jethro... I don't know how Pepper has done it but she made me exhaustively fall for Jethro. I am completely enamored by him!! Jethro is now battling Q for my heart..... I clearly have a thing for dark and brooding men!! Which is clearly Pepper Winters' specialty.... lucky me!
review 2: Wow! This is the best series of books I've read from this author so far. Definitely keeping my attention that's for sure. I also greatly appreciate the small amounts of time between each full book I know of myself and others often find we lose interest in a book if you wait too long for the next one to come out. Thank you for an intelligent and unpredictable read this far. *Spoiler ahead *Now about the book. I kind of saw the kite thing coming I felt that way since the first book I didn't think it was the brother. However kestrel makes me kind of nervous I'm not really sure, and the fact that Daniel is missing makes me extremely uneasy I feel like maybe someone's watching what's going on and is going to Bring the whole world crashing down. As far as the sister is concerned I'm very concerned that they share a half-sister. And I'm very worried as to what treatment she provides that turns him to ice I have a feeling she is not necessarily treated well despite the boys trying their hardest to stay away from her and keep from hurting her. Can't wait to see what happens next. And have some of my questions answered. less
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better than the fist book imo - still not sold but I m to invested to stop now
I feel twisted that I love this series but OMG I can't get enough of it!
I look forward to reading the next book, and seeing what happens.
I just died. Please give me the next book
I cant wait until the next one
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