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Comeback Love (2012)

by Peter Golden(Favorite Author)
3.58 of 5 Votes: 4
1451656327 (ISBN13: 9781451656329)
Washington Square Press
review 1: I picked up the book at a Goodwill thrift shop because of the cover. The couple walking in the snow amidst the snow and towering buildings caught my eye. This is a story about second chances at love. I read this in a few days. The story goes seamlessly from the present to the 1960s and 1970s. I didn't come of age in that era, but I know enough of it to see how the author anchored the story so well in that era. There are a lot of references to the casual drug use, easy sex, women's rights and abortion rights. If frank references to those bother you, this is not the book for you. I don't have a problem reading about these if it's true to the characters and it was. Both hero and heroine are strong characters who don't hesitate to reveal their feelings. This wasn't a ... morestory about some Big Misunderstanding. The heroine is a extremely bright, beautiful medical student who is part of a group involved in abortion rights. She is passionate, fearless and outspoken. The hero is a handsome young writer who is trying to find himself. He's brash and given to jealousy. They have a passionate relationship, but they each have insecurities that get in the way of being together. I'm not giving anything away when I say they don't end up together. Thirty-five years later on a snowy evening a few days after Christmas, the hero, now long since divorced and with a grown son, enters the medical office of the heroine and the story takes off from there. Will they reconnect? Will she even see him? What's driving him to see her so many years later? And more importantly what drove them apart so many years ago when they seemed so in love?I love books at second chances at love. There's something very romantic about love entering one's life in middle age. You appreciate it more and you treasure it whereas you're so careless with it in your youth. I think the author could have spent more time in the present. There's a little bit too much of the past love story. I wish the author had spent a little more time about what happened in the intervening years. Other than that, I didn't find fault with the story.
review 2: 3.5 StarsI bought this book before reading it because I was so sure I was going to love it. I loved the idea of lost love being found again, I loved the cover and I was captured by the title. For me, it was a sweet, simple, love story of a couple, Gordon and Glenna, who meet in the 60's. The story jumps back and forth between when they first met and the present day, when they are reunited. I think most people can relate to "the-one-that-got-away". That person who, even if you don't think about everyday, even if you fall in love with someone else and get married, even when you're old and gray, they are still there in the back of your mind. Tucked away in a corner of your heart. And every once in awhile you think of them and smile and remember a special time in your life you shared with them. If you have a person in your life who fits that describtion, read this book, it will take you back to them, if just for a moment. less
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Kinda ok, it's been 3 days since I finished and am struggling to remember it.....
Why one star? I thought the writing was clunky and awkward.
Glenna's voice doesn't ring true to me.
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