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The Philosopher's Kiss: A Novel (2003)

by Peter Prange(Favorite Author)
3.45 of 5 Votes: 2
1439167486 (ISBN13: 9781439167489)
Atria Books
review 1: This story has so much potential. French aristocrats, philosophers and religious persecution all wrapped around a love story and the writing of the revolutionary encyclopedia. The overall story is great. I was interested and loved that it had some basis in actual history. I got a glimpse into what Paris was like...the fogs, the smells, the tension, the rampant affairs. But, the translation of this book is tough. Lots of repetitive language that takes away from the depth of the story. Different characters are described the same way over and over. And, reading about the "midges" on Sophie's neck and a woman's "jewel" over and over and over was annoying. Perhaps the original was written that way and this is an accurate translation? I'm not sure. Worth noting, I won this boo... morek from "First Reads." I could totally see this being a mini-series someday, but the dialogue will need some work.
review 2: Amazing book set in Paris and Versailles about the making of the encyclopedia. We take so much for granted now but these philosopers, Diderot, Voltaire and others actually put their lilves on the line to make this book for the future. It was considered heresy by the Catholic Church and stopped again and again by the French crown. Also imparted interesting facts about their personal lives including Diderot's love affair with Sophie Volland whose own mother had been burned as a witch. less
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Thank you Goodreads First Reads for this free book. Looking forward to reading it when I get it.
Received from a Goodreads Giveaway. I will be rereading this to give it another go.
I have just won this book from First Reads. I look forward to reading it. Thanks.
Won this on Goodreads giveaway...thanks! Can't wait to review it!!
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