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Dramatic Pause (2012)

by P.G. Kain(Favorite Author)
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1416997881 (ISBN13: 9781416997887)
Commercial Breaks
review 1: I thought this book was amazing and I bet lots of girls would love this book too. It's about a serious actress who started doing commercials as a part time job to pay for her school tuition. When she started auditioning and got a spot, all that changed her life. Isabel started to realized everything doesn't have to be perfect and serious. It can be silly and fun playing a part. Isabel also made new friends that were also trying out for the parts and they gave her tips. On page 94, it said," Brittany and Phoebe spend the next hour or so going over every detail of a commercial audition. I write down as much as I can in my notebook. I cringe when I hear some of their advice, because I know I did the exact opposite at my audition." This text shows that her friends Brittany and... more Phoebe were giving advice on commercial audition so next time she would do better. Isabel then started a Happy Wow commercial which is a healthy drink. Isabel used the tips she learned and did the audition. On Sunday, the people told her she got the spot. On page 190, it stated,"I was shocked that I actually got a callback. I didn't think I was a particularly proud or happy banana. But when Honey told me what she thought this commercial might pay, I actually dropped my cell phone." Isabel was playing as a part as a banana that is an ingredient in the drink. The banana was suppose to be a dancing, happy banana. After acting as the banana, Isabel thought it was fun and she felt free and shocked. So this book shows an actress experience of becoming a commercial girl.
review 2: Dramatic Pause is the final installment in the Commercial Breaks series. This has been a really fun series to read, and I am really glad that Dramatic Pause delivered just as well as the rest of the series. I'm pretty sure I have mentioned this in one of my other reviews of the series, but the authors knowledge of the world he is talking about really help to make for a believable and enjoyable read.This final book isn't all that different from the rest, but it is still a fun story. It involves similar ideas, angst and I also really love the fact that a lot of the characters throughout this book relate to characters in previous books in some way. There isn't really a massive amount of depth to this book, but again it is written for a younger audience. Taking that into account, Dramatic Pause, just like the rest of the series is wonderfully written. I feel like with Kain's writing he is really able to capture young readers but also keep the story fun and interesting for older readers like myself.There really isn't a whole lot to discuss about the story in Dramatic Pause. It is fairly straightforward once you start reading. Don't go into it expecting to see twists and such like you would in YA. This all falls back to the fact that this book is aimed more at younger readers. It is a really great story though, it is nice to have something that is to the point and which is also a really fast read.As I mentioned above, the characters in this book remind me a lot of previous characters which is awesome. I loved all the characters from this series. And Isabel, Brittany and the rest of the crew in this book are equally as lovable. Kain gives such great voices to his characters, it is really hard not to become attached to them.I've really enjoyed getting the chance to read this series, and I really hope others will enjoy it just as much as I have. It is the perfect series to try and read this summer if you get a chance. It is really light and funny, great way to lift your mood and even help you to get out of a reading slump if you might be in one. I really hope you might check out these books though, they are a blast to read and I really think you would enjoy them. less
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This one didn't hold my attention.
A fun MG series closer.
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