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How To Stay Sane (2012)

by Philippa Perry(Favorite Author)
3.47 of 5 Votes: 3
1447202309 (ISBN13: 9781447202301)
Pan Publishing
review 1: This was pretty much what it said on the tin. It does present a simple view of keeping your brain intact, over several useful thoughts - but if you have any knowledge of the subject already, or if your wife is a psychologist for example (like mine!), then its pretty trodden ground.So I guess i'm not the audience for this book, but it was a fun, light read nonetheless, and i'd definitely recommend it if someone I know was having a meltdown(or at least a mini-crisis).I'm not sure how i'd bring it up though.
review 2: This is very nice. A concise, simple book that applies actual psychological research not to hyperbolic promises of being the best you or being happy, but just to staying sane. Topics addressed include benefits of mindfulness, awareness of cognitive b
... moreiases, and the virtues of autonomy, pursuing competence, and feeling a sense of belonging with others. As a psychologist, none of the information was new to me -- nor was I unaware that these ideas are basic to overall well-being -- but I really enjoyed the organization of the book and the author's voice. I think this could be valuable to anyone willing to accept that changing yourself or your life means identifying and restructuring behavioral patterns, and that those things didn't develop and won't change overnight. less
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Like Perry....hate this book. Boring and nothing innovative.
clear & relatable writing on psychotherapy & neuroscience.
Short, entertaining, useful, and not self-help-y.
Helpful little book well written.
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