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El Informe De Brodeck (2007)

by Philippe Claudel(Favorite Author)
3.99 of 5 Votes: 3
849838186X (ISBN13: 9788498381863)
review 1: I work at an institution that collects books and archival material related to the Holocaust and genocide, so I often find myself avoiding anything to do with those topics in my personal, non-work hours. It is enough to be surrounded by them during the day. However, this book came highly recommended and so I gave it a chance. I am so glad I did. Claudel deals with a very tricky moral topic--and depicts some truly horrific scenes of human suffering--but he does so with such poetry, such grace and such delicate ambiguity that I found myself completely absorbed, unable (as the cliche goes) to put the book down. I was drawn into the story completely and its characters and spaces, however fantastical and unreal at times, were completely believable and tangible. I finished the bo... moreok both satisfied and conflicted, as I'm sure was the author's intent, full of ambiguous feelings of horror and beauty. I was unsure how to pass judgement on the characters I had become acquainted with and, indeed, wondered if it was my place to pass judgement at all. I cannot recommend 'Brodeck's Report' enough, especially to those who, as a rule, shy away from books on this topic.
review 2: J'ai eu des difficult?s ? noter ce livre. J'ai d?j? lu des ouvrages de cet auteur. Je les ai aim?s mais pas celui-ci. Le sujet est terrible certes mais tant de livres ont d?j? ?t? ?crit que l'on a l'impression de rab?cher. Rien d'original ni dans le fond ni dans le style ou la fa?on d'aborder les choses. D'autre part, les personnages sont tr?s binaires. Tous les habitants ont une ?me noire sauf Brodeck et sa famille. Il n'y a pas de nuances. Et surtout, d?s le d?but je me suis demand? pourquoi Brodeck ?tait-il oblig? d'?crire ce rapport, quel est l'int?r?t des habitants ? Ce rapport est la source de l'existence du livre et il n'y a aucune explication du pourquoi de celui-ci. C'est un roman oppressant, du fait du sujet bien-s?r, mais aussi ? cause du style assez lourd. Bilan tr?s mitig? donc en ce qui me concerne pour un livre qui a pourtant plu ? beaucoup de lecteurs. less
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Wonderfully claustrophobic story that unfolds with surprising suspense to a foregone conclusion.
3.75 stars. Quietly powerful allegory about war, the group, the other.
Depressing and upsetting; not what I need right now, unfortunately.
Ce livre me hante encore.
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