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L'inchiesta (2010)

by Philippe Claudel(Favorite Author)
3.22 of 5 Votes: 5
8862203098 (ISBN13: 9788862203098)
Ponte alle Grazie
review 1: A dark, surreal, whimsical nightmare. A little bit on the preachy side when it comes to the "message" of the story, but other than that it is entertaining, at times darkly funny, and thought provoking. Didn't give it five stars because I found the parts where the author was writing more about the message than the actual events of the story to be a bit abrupt and forced. I also felt like the ending suffered from the same problems.
review 2: I've seen this book described as "Kafka-esque" several times and I suppose that is, broadly, as good a description as any. Yet there is something else to this novel, a bittersweet tone that isn't necessarily present in Kafka's work. This sort of novel lends itself to differing interpretations, but for me the subject seems to
... morebe about the inadequacy of trying to take stock of one's life in the face of death. The efforts we make at the investigation of ourselves aren't fruitful because the universe does not ultimately care to restrict itself to our ways of thinking. Indeed, as the Investigator finds out, life is lived in a fairly narrow set of circumstances and it is that fact that makes investigation possible. When those circumstances are changed, investigation becomes something else altogether, as does the notion of "success". less
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A French version of Kafka's The Castle - intriguing and very enjoyable
If you like Franz Kafka definitely read this book, if not run away! :)
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