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Accidental Alpha (2013)

by Poppy Dennison(Favorite Author)
3.69 of 5 Votes: 4
Wilde City Press
Pack Partners
review 1: I am not that enamoured of shifter books but I did enjoy this one. I would perhaps have liked a little more depth to some of the characters but as this is the first book maybe the others will dig deeper into some of the pack members. I won't say how it happens but the way that the Alpha becomes a werewolf is really unexpected. This is a pack with a few problems but when they all snuggle up at the end of their New Moon outings I would love to have been in the middle. The story flowed well and left me wanting more so onto the next in the series for me.
review 2: This short read was a pleasure. Even though the novel was short, the main character Lex was likable in that hot grumpy way. I just knew he'd be all warm, buttery and a little mysterious inside; I'm a suck
... moreer for the expected.For me what really set this apart from all the others like it in the shifter genre and finding a family universal theme was the believably adorable characters. Even though the story is about shifters and possible pack rivalries the characters were simply likable. Usually children which are meant to be the character we're suppose to cherish end up being annoying with authors giving the children words that just aren't childlike and a bit like the jesters in a Shakespearean read (something I only read to keep my more serious side comatose but alive). The simple descriptions of the kid won me over from just an okay Saturday read to a book I reach for when I just need to read something clean and uncomplicated. less
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This was a fun read. I loved it! :D
Not my normal genre but LOVED IT
Sweet short story aw!
Wish it was longer!
3.5 stars
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