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Soul Magic (2013)

by Poppy Dennison(Favorite Author)
4.14 of 5 Votes: 5
1623805805 (ISBN13: 9781623805807)
Dreamspinner Press
review 1: Awesome! Kind of feel let down now.. everything in a nice and neat tidy bun with a years later look into pack life. I'm almost afraid to look at the blurb for Wild Magic to see what's followed up from this. Of course, the biggest question I was left with was... Simon is still the last of his line!! And of course, what does it mean for Liam and Cormic to mate? Will Liam's lifespan match now or vice versa or.... I know.. just let it go but I can't help but wonder.The biggest drawback was a certain aftermath event where Simon is kind of perceived at bad and gets no obvious support from Gray. Perhaps due to shock? And Garon pulls away from Simon for at least a few hours but then all is mostly back to normal. Clearly we can't have all rainbows and sunshine but some heartache th... morerown in. So ends this chapter in this world and time to move on to the next...
review 2: Well I thought I had it all worked out but Poppy Dennison managed to surprise me with her last book in Triad. It had all the same feel of the first two books with an added frisson of danger and excitement that really made me glad I bought it before I truly had my book funds. The way Simon, Gray, Cormac and the pack fought against the enemy was well thought out and the epilogue was a truly wonderful way of rounding off the story o that there were no loose ends. I really recommend reading all three books in order as soon as you can if you like magic and paranormal beings in your romances. less
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A delicious series, sad to have it end.
4.5 stars
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