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The Totally Awesome Epic Quest Of The Brave Boy Knight (2011)

by Pranas T. Naujokaitis(Favorite Author)
3.71 of 5 Votes: 5
1609050991 (ISBN13: 9781609050993)
Blue Apple Books
review 1: This book is about this boy and his physic buttercup he was out side playing and he so this cut cat and actually it was princes buttercup and the boy night were going to have a Quest and the needed to go in a teleport and they were in her king dome and their was a big green monster that was going to destroy her king dome they so a car on the monster and they took the car. off and the monster was happy again he flicks the things that he destroy and they were looking for the hiding treasure they needed to go on a rope and pass the snacks and in the cave their these people that didn't want them to pass so the brave boy night scared them with his soared and they let hime pass but their was a bat and the boy scared the bat with his lightbulb and scared hime and his secret tre... moreasure wAs a kiss from the princes and they went back home and it was the best inventor he hade.
review 2: The author takes everyday regular play and re-imagines it as an epic adventure. This is what I loved about the book. It shows a kid that they can turn any typical day in the yard into something grand and exciting. My 6-year old son really enjoyed this book. He found it entertaining and humorous - and I appreciated that the humor wasn't gross humor like some authors resort to. It's a book my kid immediately asked to read again. less
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Early graphic novel tale of imagination and adventure with plenty of humor thrown in. Cute.
The pictures were great, the stories okay, and the dialogue pretty bad.
I liked when the animal princess popped out of the treasure chest!
Cute first book of comix - target reader age, around 3-4 yrs old.
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