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Ice Station Wolfenstein (Order Of The Black Sun Series) (2014)

by Preston Child(Favorite Author)
3.4 of 5 Votes: 3
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review 1: I read this book because the story synopsis indicated it was about post war Nazis and the fabled Antarctic Ice Station. Part one of a series, it was entertaining and a good fictional conspiracy read. Will read the next in the series. Too many reviews of this book are not about the book, but a slam on the author's real name or choice of pen names. That's unfortunate. while I know people buy from author's they like, I buy based on the story. If you're on the fence, give the book a shot.
review 2: I purchased this book at a very high price from India. It was an absolute waste of money.. This book is totally devoid of any logical or thrilling end.. The story begins like a great suspense.. drags along like someone is still trying to find the light switch in a dark
... moreroom..(fumbling along trying to make sense..) and lo n behold.. the story ends.. Just like that.. I didn't even want to read it till the end. I will probably gift the book to anyone who irritates me and tell him/her its must read.. Just to spoil his day. less
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3.5 that I would round up. Totally unbelievable in a lot of spots, but it was a fun read.
Like all Preston books, a fast read with lots of twists. Like the new characters!
This is NOT a Douglas Preston AND Lincoln Child book!!!!!
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