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Drop Two Sizes: Stop Losing Pounds And Start Losing Inches--Sculpt The Body You Want In 12 Weeks Or Less! (2013)

by Rachel Cosgrove(Favorite Author)
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1609614631 (ISBN13: 9781609614638)
Rodale Books
review 1: I like that this book has realistic food plans as well as workouts that I could do in my home without much equipment or at the gym. Lots of options throughout the book. The exercises looked quite simple and I expected a typical low to moderate level workout, but in fact I was SORE when I first started, so I really used those muscles! The writing is a bit fluffy, but the book is written for 30ish-aged women, and what else do we think about besides looking good in fashionable clothing? If you can get past the writing, it's a good book to have on hand for at home exercising.
review 2: I am partially biased because I am a huge advocate of the New Rules of Lifting family and this is written by the spouse of the mastermind behind those workouts. I love the premise of
... more this book - ditch the scale, do weights and interval training, and eat real food. Rachel has a great personality and is really great at explaining the reasoning behind her plan.It's also great to see testimonials with pictures! I'm starting the plan on June 3rd so I'll update once complete. The workouts: Look intense. Great variety, lots of dynamic moves. Lots of metabolic work. Strong emphasis on mobility. Awesome warm-ups.The nutrition: A little lackluster but I guess that's what it takes to get the job done. I like that 90% is expected so there is wiggle room and you can definitely piece together your own plan following their guidelines if you don't like the plan as written. UPDATE: Now that I've just about completed the program, I'd like to add some thoughts. The workouts are killer and leave me sore for days. The eating plan for P1 and P2 was good, easy to manage, P3 was just not enough for me. I did not drop 2 sizes by my clothes fit more comfortably and I can tell I have a little more definition in my arms and my posture is a bit better. less
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The latest from my all-time favorite Fitness Guru, Rachel Cosgrove. The best part - the plan WORKS.
Great workouts--I followed this regimen quite a bit last summer and still use the workouts listed.
Practical program, definitely doable. Love Rachel Cosgrove!
Program is great
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