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Bet In The Dark (2000)

by Rachel Higginson(Favorite Author)
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In the Dark
review 1: I don’t normally read much YA or NA, and college romances are something new to me – but I’m very glad I got a chance to read “Bet on Us” by Rachel Higginson for this blog tour. I loved it!Most of all, I enjoyed reading about the heroine, Ellie. She was a refreshing change from all those either weak-willed or slow-brained heroines that abound these days and are only governed by their body and physical attraction. I loved it that she is intelligent and different from the others, sort of the bookish underdog that suddenly realizes she has a wilder side to her. Her friend Britte was perfect too, just the kind of friend I think she would and should have had in real life. And kudos to the author for writing such an interesting family background for Ellie. Her beefy bro... morethers and overbearing mother are pieces that fit the puzzle very nicely and give the story depth. Like the main characters, the secondary cast was brilliantly fleshed-out and credible. It’s one of the reasons why I felt like watching a movie instead of merely reading a book.And let’s not forget Fin, the absolutely adorable hero. Gorgeous, dark, dominant on the outside and caring on the inside, he’s every girl’s (and reader’s) dream and a perfect match for Ellie. While it seemed at the start that they couldn’t be more different, they were indeed meant for each other, and I love all the twists and turns that kept them from falling all over each other too soon.If you like NA romances that have plenty of steamy scenes, great dialogues, likeable and authentic characters, and a tight plot filled with suspense, humor and emotions galore, then you’ll love “Bet on Us” as much as I did. I think I have to pick up more books by Rachel Higginson…
review 2: I was given a copy in exchange for an honest review.This book was such a pleasant read! Easy, quick and conflict-free! I love an uncomplicated romance! Ellie was somewhat stubborn and over sheltered but ultimately a good person. At times her character was hard to sympathize with. However, Ellie was well written excellently, in that she was humble and self deprecating without coming across as whiny and insecure. Fin was just perfect. He looked dreamy, had so much going for him, and when you find out about his family situation....he's just perfect. We'll leave it at that. This book had a lot of great dialogue and hilarious situations. The book featured a great portrayal of family relationships and all the complex dynamics they can come with. A highlight would be Ellie's interactions with her three older brothers, particularly one hilarious scene between Grayson and Beck. The sexual tension in this book was set on inferno! Ellie and Fin had great chemistry from the beginning despite the unusual circumstances of their situation. There were a few missing words and minor grammatical errors toward the end of the book. less
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Loved it cover to cover. One of my go-to books for a re-read.
Ugh, why do I do this to myself?
Loooved this book!!
3.75 of 5 Stars
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