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The Avatari (2014)

by Raghu Srinivasan(Favorite Author)
3.81 of 5 Votes: 5
9350095742 (ISBN13: 9789350095744)
Hachette India
review 1: I started reading Avatari with high expectations….since the book had received many positive literary reviews. The book gripped me totally and as I finished the leafing through the last page, I found myself applauding the book and the author. In fact I would be inclined to say that this is the best Indian mystical thriller I have read. The competence and maturity of Mr.Srinivasan’s writing, the plot, the narrative & pace can match the thrillers by famous English and American writers.The characters are well developed and I didn't find any flab in the book...the pace is tense and tight. There are many subplots, all of which are relevant to the story. I liked the way Mr.Srinivasan ended the book...he did not try to share the secret of the mystic land and the mysticism, the... more secret of Shambhala had to be maintained. As I finished reading the book, it was hard to believe that this was Mr.Srinivasan's first book...I now eagerly look forward for his second venture.
review 2: It was not an easy read... given the print size and back story... confusing at times but it captured my imagination. My eyes did reach my brows :-) time to time but then given it is "fiction" one can have creative license... Overall i enjoyed and would really like to see the author write moire. But his exhaustive research and back stories would indicate a longish haul in producing a book. A rarity in today's fast spaced mass production. I appreciate that the author took time to develop the characters so that the reader felt comfortable around them and could possibly anticipate certain actions. Well done! Looking forward to your next story Mr. Srinivasan! less
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Wonderful book , finished in one go....one of the best action Indian novel read
Fabulous book......a must read for everyone !!!
Amazing book! A compelling read!
Long but interesting
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