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Lonely Alpha (2012)

by Ranae Rose(Favorite Author)
3.56 of 5 Votes: 4
Smashwords Edition
Half Moon Shifters
review 1: In much need of a break, Mandy is excited to be vacationing alone in the Great Smoky Mountains by herself. However after her GPS goes out on the fritz, she ends up at the wrong cabin and under the watchful eye of a grumpy young man Jack. Alpha to no one and wolf-shifter Jack, doesn't want to be bothered. Mandy ends up on his doorstep not once, but twice of course when he realizes it's her scent that is bothering him and he has found his mate, he will do everything he can to protect her. Especially when another hunter has come to take him out.3.75 there was a lot I enjoyed about this one but I found I had a ton of questions. I think this could turn out to be a good series, but wanted a bit more from Jack in the aspect of getting Mandy to understand what was happening. ... more It is explained but in a very rapid way. Good chemistry though and a few twists for a paranormal story.
review 2: I love shifters and was excited to find this series. Lately I have found that more and more books are being written about shifters (yay), but many are forgetting that the shifters are not just shiny happy people who can become and animal just because it is a cool party trick (boo). Ms. Rose did not forget that a were wolf is half wolf. She included the darkness and animal side of her were and also included the darkness of humans. Somehow she managed to do all of that while writing a super hawt story. Not only was there suspense, a bit of mystery, and the darkness I love, but there was also a hot and steamy romance. I really like the main characters and am excited to see where this story goes from here. I will definitely be reading all of this series. I am so glad I made my trip through a blog hop one Saturday afternoon and discovered this series! less
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WOW! What an amazing book. Can't wait to read more from Ranae Rose.
not too bad, steamy sex.
loved every minute!
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