Top 5 Indoor Games For Birthday Party

Making your work easier, we are going to tell you here on some fun games that can make your child’s birthday party full of fun. Games make your party interesting and fun. Children’s brain development is also linked somewhere when they participate in these activities. Children do not play such games in everyday life, it is a new concept for them. In addition to preparing good invitation, you also pay special attention to party decoration, then include the games in it too. How happy your child is when his friends say that How nice the party was!! This is the cheapest way to bring joy to the child’s face; you do not have to spend a lot more on it. We understand the value of your valuable time and do not want to waste your money.

We are going to tell you some games here that you can feed inside the house and only with the house items. Let’s take you to the children’s birthday world.

Ring Game

Things Required- Small ring, some small gifted items

How to Play-  Spread all the items on the floor under the game that you have made a small gift. Now all the children one by one and give three chances to throw the ring. If their ring covers any item, then you have to give that gift to them. In this game, all children receive some gifts and they feel joy.

Musical Chair

Things Required – one number fewer chairs than the number of children, music to play

How to Play-  As the music is turned on, all the kids start running around the chairs. As soon as a music stop happens, the child will sit on the chair facing. A child who is left standing will go out of the game. Similarly, the same child will survive the same winner.

Pass By Pass Game In New Style

Things Required –  One thing which we can pass, music to play, activities slips

How to Play-  As soon as the music starts, the kids will start giving the passing thing to each other. Now as soon as you have a music stop, you will ask the child to take a slip. In it, you can write anything according to your wish as if the child with the left side of the slip is picked out or right side out. Or who has lifted the slip itself out? Inside the slips, you can write( left, right, and me). The child who lives in the game in the last will be the same winner.

Three Legged Race

Things Required – The rope to tie The legs

How to Play–  Collect all the children who are part of your birthday party and make them divide into two groups. Now bind two children with one leg rope. Set a distance for all those who make a pair in this way. The pair will be the first winner at reach the exact location.

Treasure Hunt

Things Required – Some Funny Slips, and A Birthday Gift

How to Play – Make some funniest slips with the funniest matter. Hide them at different places. For the next slip on the first slip, you have to set the signal. You can hide a good birthday gift on the last slip. You can also set a time limit for this game.


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