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La Collezionista Di Storie (2010)

by Randa Jarrar(Favorite Author)
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8856612631 (ISBN13: 9788856612639)
review 1: Laughed out loud a few times, way better than expected especially after reading a cheesy book by another Arab American writer (Diana Abu Jaber's crescent ). Even though Nidali's upbringing is not typical to the Arab American story, I still thought it was honest to the pt of being a little on the raw side and I appreciated the lack of sugar-coating in telling this story. If randa jarrar writes another book ill definitely read it !
review 2: What I loved about this book is the many references to the Middle Eastern culture in general and the Egyptian/Palestinian in specific. Just by reading this book, I revisited my early memories as a teenager growing up in Cairo and occasionally in Alex. This book is definitely a "Laugh Out Loud" book. While the book is very en
... moretertaining (family, school, travel, and sarcastically commenting on the Gulf War), it has lots of sexual references and detailed descriptions that I personally found unnecessary and disturbing. I give this book a two star because I wasn't really able to pull something useful out of it...or something I could carry on after finishing it. less
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A funny but serious coming of age story about a girl growing up in Kuwait during the 1st Gulf War.
An absolute joy. Romantic. Real. Hilarious. A winner:
Reminds me of my own f'ed up immigrant family.
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