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Omhulde Stad (2014)

by Ransom Riggs(Favorite Author)
4.03 of 5 Votes: 2
9044821806 (ISBN13: 9789044821802)
Miss Peregrine's Peculiar Children
review 1: I just didn't like this book all that much. I was not the biggest fan of the first novel in the series - I thought it was clever in its setting but not much else. Here, that weakness really came through. Most of the book just reads like a game of Dixit - someone stitching together a story based on some pictures, rather than having the pictures support a set of compelling characters doing compelling things. None of the supporting characters are fleshed out enough to really make an impact. Some of the characters act completely different depending on what the plot calls for, in ways that are jarring - most of the time acting young and inexperienced, other times acting with all of the wisdom of their years. And, finally, the overall plot just didn't work for me much at a... morell.Some positives - Riggs writes a couple of really nice action scenes at the midpoint of the book, where some of the characters' peculiar abilities are put to use in interesting ways that are, frankly, just a fun surprise. And, and here is the SPOILER bit, the ending of the book takes a twist that I didn't see coming. Some of those beats near the end are unearned, trying to draw on a connection to the characters that I just didn't have. But there's some neat stuff there and it was the only time the book actually surprised me when it was trying to surprise me. Points for that, and for the writing around those twists.However, like the first book, the ending of this book doesn't complete anything, it just sets up another sequel, which I didn't really appreciate - the book doesn't feel like a complete story in and of itself when this is taken into consideration.I'm not sorry that I read these book, but I don't have any plans to come back for a third book in this series. Clearly it doesn't click with me.
review 2: Endlessly inventive and magically entertaining: exactly what one would expect from Ransom Riggs and his peculiar children. It captures the joy of reading--that combination of the new with the old as the modern world collides with Riggs' fantastical universe. "The Mournful Kingdom of Sand. The Land Made in Anger. A High Place of Stars." I recited the places in wonder, looking forward to the next installment, where these destinations might come to life. less
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Amazing book, just like the first one in the serious. It's so much fun to read!!!!!
A disappointing follow up to the first. A chore to finish up.
Better than the first. I couldn't put it down.
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