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The Tale Of Brin And Bent And Minno Marylebone (2013)

by Ravi Thornton(Favorite Author)
3.12 of 5 Votes: 2
1593765290 (ISBN13: 9781593765293)
Soft Skull Press
review 1: Haunting, and certainly disturbing. Most people will not like this at all, it's so creepy. And Ravi Thornton says it is a kind of allegory of a response to something terrible that happened to her when she was 21. So the art is as someone said, like some of Dave McKean's work, crazy, surreal, haunting. I guess the best thing about the book is that it faces the horror head on, doesn't prettify it, shows the insane psychological experience of devastation, whatever that may be, and may or may not show you a way out of the darkness. The description of the book on Goodreads (above) makes it look sweeter and happier than it is, so be warned. I wanted to give this more stars but you know, horror, it scares me more than revives me. Horror fans, check it out, m... moreaybe.
review 2: The Tale of Brin & Bent And Minno Marylebone is a fascinating, unique story that will stay with you long after you reach the last page. I promise.It’s described by it’s author, Ravi Thornton, as “a metaphor for the strange rationalisations that a damaged mind makes in order to survive a great pain” and I think that statement is 100% relatable to anyone who’s dealt with loss – whether that be loss of life, or (in my case), loss of oneself.I was recommended this book in August 2012 by Page 45, my favourite local comic book shop, after I approached them looking for something ‘dark and macabre’ – they emailed me a link to The Tale of Brin & Bent And Minno Marylebone followed by these words: “we just got this in. Not even had a chance to read it yet but good Lord, does it look messed up.” Naturally, I was intrigued.In retrospect, it’s not that messed up. Not any more messed up than you or I, anyway. Don’t let the initial grim, darkness fool you; towards the end, there is much light, and it reminds us all of the fact that triumph sometimes must come from tragedy. This tale is about any and all of us.Without giving too much away, it’s a love story; two broken individuals who emerge from the shadows of their depravity because of the purity and innocence of a child. A child who sees beauty in ugliness, love in acts of hatred, darkness in light, and humanity in Brin and Bent. A child like no other: Minno Marylebone.I adored this story unreservedly. It’s unlike anything I’ve ever read; fascinating and unique, oddly comforting, almost painful. Like the unravelling of bandaged wounds that show healing – but with the distant, dull ache still there. Nostalgic. Bittersweet. Something you’ve forgiven but can never forget.Ravi Thornton’s stunning, thought-evoking writing is brought to life by Andy Hixon‘s distorted, haunting illustration – and the combination of both will leave you entranced and captivated, eagerly anticipating the next page. All in all, it’s a powerful collaboration and – as Ravi’s first graphic novel – a divine introduction and contribution to the world of comics.I can’t recommend it enough. less
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I love the art and the creepiness, but the story rubbed me the wrong way a bit.
This was a trifle too weird for me. And that's saying something.
intriguing, dark, disturbing but strangely an interesting read
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