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Forgotten History (2012)

by Christopher L. Bennett(Favorite Author)
3.88 of 5 Votes: 1
1451657250 (ISBN13: 9781451657258)
Pocket Books/Star Trek
Star Trek: Department of Temporal Investigations
review 1: This book had such promise. The idea of a department in the world of Star Trek that dealt with only time travel sounded great. And then I read it. I have to say that it was easy to read. The fake science jargon didn't really slow me down because I knew it was fake and I just skipped through it. What really got me was that the entire book just told me the story. It never showed me anything. Imagine if your grandma sat down and told you about something that happened to you when she was young, vs you going there and experiencing it. That is was this book does. It just tells you and never puts you in the action. Bleh I say.
review 2: Not quite as eye-opening as Chris's first DTI book, with all of its causal loops, epic technospeak, and the wonderful Dulmu
... morer and Lucsley characters. This book focuses mostly on the Enterprise crew and how they deal with a misuse of temporal technology and a Starfleet Admiral with lofty goals of safe time-travel. As I read, I often found myself wondering when Dulmur and Lucsley would come back to the story. I have always enjoyed time-travel stories in Trek, and was amazed at how deftly Chris interwove all of them into the first DTI book. This one went out on its own, borrowing technology from the Animated Series, and repurposing it for interdimensional and temporal travel. The technospeak wasn't as advanced as the previous, so perhaps that made it more approachable, but I really enjoyed it in the first book. It's absence was notable.Overall, though, it was a fun romp with the Enterprise crew! I had just expected more DTI than Enterprise. less
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I enjoy reading this book I found that I enjoyed reading Star Trek DTI: Watching The Clock more.
forgotten history was a great read. I always enjoy Christopher L. bennetts novles.
Interesting. Perhaps part of section 31. Sneaky organization in the beginning
Well written, wibbly wobbly timey wimey Star Trek goodness!
Gotta love a good Trek time travel story.
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