“Glitter” and glamour: a life in Versailles.

Aprilynne Pike, Glitter, 367 p.

+/- 2 days

Short review:

+ good plot, surprising ending, interesting scene.

– shallow characters, no emotional connection between character and reader.

Long review (beware minor spoilers):

Wilkie Collins work is going painstakingly slow, which isn’t helped by the visit of my parents. So in the meantime I’m posting this review of Glitter, a work by Aprilynne Pike, the author of the Wings-series. This book was a very quick read, about 2 or 3 days, and is difficult to put back down once you’ve started reading. I absolutely adored the idea of a future where Versailles is re-inhabited and serves as a bubble in which the inhabitants live as if they were in the 18th century. The ending was also able to surprise me, which doesn’t happen quite often to be honest. Many authors tend to give small hints throughout the story which gives away the ending. This was not the case in Glitter, however.

I am disappointed though in the development of the characters. Besides the main characters of Danica and Saber, we get little to no insight into the secondary characters. There are a few characters that die throughout this novel, but there is no emotional connection whatsoever. I am one of those readers who easily cry when a character dies, but I wasn’t moved in the slightest with this novel, which is in stark contrast with Pike’s previous series (Wings). I do hope that this is something that will change in the following novels.

I am quite interested though to read the next part in this story. The sequel, Shatter, is planned to come out on February 15th, 2018 (in 162 days).



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