“It Happened at the Fair” by Deeanne Gist- Mini Book Review



The story follows a young man named Cullen. Cullen is a farmer who just so happened to invent an automatic fire extinguishing system (Pretty big deal in the late nineteenth century.). After his father practically forces Cullen to show his invention at the Chicago World’s Fair, Cullen finds himself in the very noisy machinery building at the fair (not to mention very far away from his fiance…). Due to the loud noise of the building—and the fact that he’s losing his hearing— Cullen soon seeks out the help of a teacher who he hopes will help him to learn to lip read so he can understand what his prospective customers are saying. A romance soon begins between him and the teacher, but what about the girl waiting for him at home?

My Review:

I honestly don’t have a lot to say about this book, though not because it was bad or anything. I actually quite enjoyed it, and managed to read it in two days (not something I often do). It was a fun read that was filled with such detail that I now feel like I went to the the Chicago World’s Fair even though I didn’t because (obviously) I was not living in the late nineteenth century. The romance was sweet, and the main characters were lovable. It wasn’t my favorite book by Deeanne Gist, but I found it an overall likable read that I recommend to those who enjoy a romantic story that transports them back in time. (Seriously, the detail’s that good, ya’ll.)

I give “It Happened at the Fair” by Deeanne Gist a rating of four.

Book Review Ratings:

5.Great Book!

4.I  liked it!

3. Okay.

2. Did not like it.

1. Did not finish.

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