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The Riddles Of Hillgate (2000)

by Zoey Kane(Favorite Author)
3.13 of 5 Votes: 3
Z & C Mysteries
review 1: I just couldn't suspend disbelief for this one. The story starts out with the members of the Chamber of Commerce taunting one of their own for her unwise purchases. I've belonged to a number of chambers of commerce, and professional people in a business setting would not act like elementary school kids making fun of someone in their midst. Then the whole concept that a mansion would be overgrown and forgotten and the family would disappear with no questions asked for seventy years is just not plausible. The riddles are answered and the mystery supposedly solved and the villain dead, and then with no explanation, the riddles start again. There's never any explanation of how that came about. The IRS comes after Zoey for taxes on the property--property taxes are levied at the... more local level. The IRS taxes income, not property. Combine the implausibility of the whole premise with the poor editing and the only reason I finished the book was was that it was so short and I was hoping there would be some kind of plausible solution to the mystery. Unfortunately, that didn't happen.
review 2: Charming and cute, a very quick read.That being said, the writing was pretty bad. Cleaned up and edited, this would be even more enjoyable. The plot was interesting, although the last half of the book was way too rushed. The characters were easy to relate to, although more like sisters than mother and daughter (who the hell asks to accompany their daughter on a date? Ugh.) There were a lot of plot holes, dialogue frequently did not make sense and some things were over-explained and some things were not explained enough.Overall, yeah, it sounds like there's a lot of detractions, but it also shows a lot of promise. less
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Cute story that almost made it. It just felt like a first draft not a finished project.
I kept hoping it would get better. It didn't
Easy peasy. Very light, quick, fun read.
I thought it was just ok.
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