“That Manager was my FRIEND”: An anecdote on how to gain the loyalty of your employees

In today’s workplace, there is so much to be said about the manager-employee relationship. And while there is a lot of content out there about the qualities of “not-too great” managers, I would be focusing on the qualities of truly great and inspiring managers, by recounting a personal experience.

I have worked with a few managers, and can attest that I have actually had managers on both sides of the line: the “not-too nice’ ones, and the “very nice” ones. According to Brigette Hyacinth, “if you treat employees like they don’t make a difference, they won’t”.

An inherent attribute of humans is the need to feel appreciated and valued of some sort, and when that expectation is not fulfilled, we tend to react in the self-same way-by not valuing that commitment or relationship. The same applies to our personal relationships, which are not even related to the workplace.

I have had managers who were very self-seeking, full of themselves and had no clue about how to actually manage people that; I sometimes wondered how they got there in the first place. And I have also had managers who were people centered, caring and also looked out for the entire team. But of all the bosses I have had, one manager stands out brightly and of course, she is the best of the lot.She was first “Human”, before she wore on the hat of a “Manager”. She showed genuine interest in our wellbeing-both professionally and personally. She was a people person, very smart and highly intelligent. If you came to the office and met us chatting, you would never know that she was indeed our manager. She came down to everyone’s level and did her best to carry all of us along.

If you looked like you were having a bad day, she would call you into her office to find out what the problem was. She made us all feel like VERY IMPORTANT members of the team, and never failed to remind us that “our” success; was also her success. She made us feel like we made a difference; and that our efforts were well appreciated. And that was indeed a great motivation for us to do more; to give back that same commitment that she had given us. She is my Friend, and I would always cherish the opportunity of working with her.

Dear Managers, do you want loyal employees? Employees that will go all out to make sure the team succeeds? It’s very easy to find them. But never forget to treat them with Dignity, Respect, and Genuine interest. To get the best from your employees and create an environment of trust and unflinching dedication to service, you must reach out and draw them closer. Give them the sense that they are very important to the achievement of the common goal; from the janitor to your deputy, and also treat them as such. And you will soon begin to experience a commitment like no other. And maybe someday, some of your employees may be genuine enough to call you their friend, even long after they have stopped working with you!

To your continued success. Cheers!!!

Evi Abada

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