3 Times Halloween Funjob!

Flying Phantom Ship (1969 movie)

It’s time for a Halloween triple treat, plus a bonus item from another subtitling group.  The Flying Phantom Ship proves its Halloween bona-fides with a pirate ship captained by a spooky skeleton apparition, plus it even has a scene in a haunted house. This was a 60 minute feature that was shown as part of one of those popular Toei Manga Matsuri showcases for kids on vacation from school. It was based on a manga by Shotaro Ishinomori, the script was co-written by Masaki Tsuji, the protagonist was voiced by Masako Nozawa, and one of the key animators was Hayao Miazaki. The scenes of tanks and fighter jets deployed in downtown Tokyo against the Golem (which he also designed) at 14:52 are his most easily recognizable contribution to the film, and you may notice similarities to some scenes in the Lupin III series 2 finale, “Farewell, My Beloved Lupin,” directed by Miyazaki a decade later.

Special thanks for this release goes to Cap’n Dave, who wrote a great article about the movie on his Let’s Anime site. There’s a so many tons of cool stuff packed into this relatively short feature, a convoluted plot with lots of action and just all kinds of awesomeness. There’s also a surprising amount of political commentary for a kids’ cartoon, on such things as advertisers relentlessly pushing unhealthy soft drinks, and the cushy relationship between defense contractors and the military. I could ramble on endlessly about specific things I like about this film, but you’d be better off reading Dave’s article here.

I heard that Dave commissioned a fully translated script for that movie years ago, so I e-mailed him and asked if he still had that script. A few short weeks later a manila folder with the script appeared in my mailbox, and a few short years later (sorry!) I have finally completed subtitling it.

This film has been fan subtitled multiple times previously. Kodocha Anime subtitled it back in the analog days, although I appear to have lost my VHS copy. I know of at least one other subtitled version making the rounds for a while that used a translation from the Russian dubbed version…apparently this was one of the first Japanese cartoons to be shown in Russia. Anyhow, here’s my version, I hope you all enjoy it!

Get the hard subtitled DVD rip (721 MB) from Nyaa or Userscloud.

Or get the soft subtitled 1080p version (5.86 GB) from Nyaa or Userscloud.


Yonimo Kimyona Monogatari – 8 episodes [NGN subtitles]

Time for some low-budget, shot on video Halloween thrills! Here’s the complete collection of all 8 episodes that dougo13 has kindly shared from his old VHS tapes, recorded from Nippon Golden Network with adequate English subtitles. This includes 6 episodes that I’ve previously released, and the final 2 from dougo13’s tapes. Unfortunately  the last episode on the last tape is missing the ending.

Of course we all wish there were more, but frankly it’s a miracle that SOMEONE managed to get a few of them recorded for us to enjoy. And of course hoping beyond all reasonable hope, if anyone who reads this has NGN subbed tapes of this series, please contact me! Also I’d like to find a Japanese language version of the episode with the missing ending, if anyone has it. The episode aired on Fuji-TV in Japan on March 21, 1991.

Get the batch from Nyaa or Mega.


GeGeGe no Kitaro (1985) – Episodes 040, 042-046, 048-056 [NGN subtitles]

Here’s another Halloween present from dougo13’s tape collection, a new batch of 15 third series Kitaro episodes, as shown on Nippon Golden Network with adequate subtitles.

Get the batch from Nyaa or Mega.


Dr Slump and Arale-chan (1981) – Episode 062

In addition to the above mentioned triple treat, here’s a special Halloween bonus not subtitled by TSHS, but by Shiteatersubs (appropriately named given the amount of scatological humor in Dr. Slump). It’s probably common knowledge that I’ve recently started helping out with some volunteer QC work on these Dr. Slump episodes. It’s a show I’ve long wanted to subtitle myself but never had the time, so it’s fun to be able to help out with this project in any way I can.

This episode features the return of Drampire, who still seems traumatized by her last meeting with Arale in episode 17. In addition to her returning henchmen, this episode features a new character, Prince Monster. Fed up with dating monster girls, Prince Monster orders Drampire and her henchmen to find him a human girlfriend. The henchmen don’t seem to have very good memories, as they (of course) choose Arale, and the expected chaos ensues.

Get it from the Shiteatersubs site. And everyone have a happy and safe Halloween!

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