A Broken kind of Beautiful

Hi this is Harshit Dangwal’s and Mousumi Sheel’s First collaboration, it is my privilege to work with an extremely talented writer Mousumi, she is just amazing in her write ups. Check out this poetry written by us, we’ve tried real hard to penned it in a way as per readers want. So check it out and provide your feedback below in comment box.

I wish you would have been here,
I so wish you could have seen
How the world is different to us
or might be I simply could disappear.

The harder she tries
To hold up the pain,
With every tear falling from her beautiful eyes
She knew it’s no gain.

Behind her silence,
She was screaming loud,
Not asking for help but just for someone
who will listen to her pain in the crowd.

She was feeling isolated, lonely and in hell.
She can’t quit,
She can’t run away and has to confront
whatever worst will come along without any yell.

She’s been through more
hell then you’ll ever know.
but, that’s what give her beauty an edge

She’s been through hell
and came out as an angel
you didn’t break her
you don’t own that kind of power.

Every bit of her soul knew
she’s not a bitch.
She was only hurt, tired, incomplete, and broken into pieces because of destiny’s glitch.

she looks right and left,
her eyes searching
if somebody was to ask her
what she was seeking
her lips wouldn’t be able to find the words
but her heart surely knows.

she used to believe that love
should feel like
a storm,
raw and raging.

But so many storms
have come
and left her
more broken than before.
now, she looks for a love
that feels like
a night
after a storm.
is over.

By Mousumi sheel & Harshit Dangwal

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