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Baba Jaga Je Snijela Jaje (1983)

by Dubravka Ugrešić(Favorite Author)
3.62 of 5 Votes: 1
8676661413 (ISBN13: 9788676661411)
Canongate Myths
review 1: I am not really sure what to class this book. Some people shelved it as fantasy and I couldn't quite admit to that. I think it was very well written and very well thought out. I loved the last half of the book with the more exploitative section on folklore and legend surrounding the character of baba yaga, and I thought she tied it well together in the end. The novel pat of the story was probably a bit drawn out and could have been either condensed and/or even more exaggerated. The authors writing style is very engaging and very interesting. Overall it features the feeling/feelings of people towards their own and others aging and myths and superstitions that purport these types in the legends of the region.
review 2: A curious, playful triptych centered around
... morethe Baba Yaga myth. The first part concerns a writer (Ugrešić) taking care of her embittered mother while a annoying admirer chases her around Slovenia. The second is set amongst a group of bubbly octogenarians at a spa resort, mingling with odious males with permanent erections(!) The last part is a lengthy dissertation on Slavic folklore with meta-comments on the previous two sections. You may be tempted to drop the book during the third part, but stick with it – and let all old souls unite! less
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I am starting to think I will read anything MJ tells me to.
I couldnt even get remotely engaged in this book.
left off on p. 77
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