A Night With Jasper Jones

Last night, it was a privilege to step away from my usual post in front of the computer to venture to the Luna in Leederville. Jasper Jones was showing at the old cinema and Craig Silvey, in attendance, was a highlight.

From book to screen the adaptation was sensational. Tears turned to sobs as the characters came to life before me. A gut wrenching tale that, sadly, is too close to reality for some.

Craig Silvey was as impressive as the movie. His passion for storytelling is contagious.

From the evening I was left with two lingering thoughts. First, I am more inspired to write than I was before Craig spoke. Second, not so positive, is how saddened I am by the focus of the other viewers during the Q&A session. The well portrayed racial issues of the period, which still linger today, raises need for recognition, I agree wholeheartedly, but when it overshadows the suffering and tragedies that led to a young girls death it chills me to the core.

I highly recommend Jasper Jones as my favourite Aussie film I’ve seen.

❤ Brenna x

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