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The Autobiography Of Us (2000)

by Aria Beth Sloss(Favorite Author)
3.07 of 5 Votes: 5
review 1: This book really isn't ABOUT anything, in the way that books are supposed to be about something. The characters are only half developed. I knew I wanted to both hate them and love them (my favorite kind of characters) but could never figure out why and just ended up feeling embarrassed for them. And yet the novel held my attention enough to read the whole thing. If there had been any deeper focus on one issue or character then this could have been breathtaking.
review 2: I don't like to judge books based on reviews before reading them, but the review that made me seek out this book was far too favourable. In the end, this was an okay read, but the beginning was rocky, especially when you consider the main theme of the book is supposed to be friendship. It's har
... mored to connect to the friendship the two women- who are the main characters of the story- when they themselves are underdeveloped. I felt no connection to either of them, which left their supposed deep friendship to come off as hollow. The plot did pick up and slightly made up for the underdeveloped characters, but quickly became tedious and predictable. Overall, I think this could have been an excellent book if not for the flaws in execution. less
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Okay. Why are these two even friends? Why for the love of God do they remain friends? Bored now.
Good book about roles of women in the sixties and seventies.
Really good, except the entire first section.
Well written story of a long,term friendship.
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