Accepting duality opens us up to inner peace

Didn’t you wish to be in love, be loved and know love without having to face hate, aloneness, unworthiness or powerlessness?

On our spiritual path, we often tumble on the point of duality, at one point or another. Our mind, designed and programmed to think in black and white, negative and positive, something and its contrary, is basically dualistic. And what we actually yearn for is beyond.

In other words, we know love through hate and we know hate through love. The more we want to grab to something to keep it in our life, the more it fleets and we face its opposite in a million shades.

A few weeks ago, I was sharing my exasperation, with my herbalist and shaman friend Wendy O’Sullivan from the isles of Jersey. I love calling Wendy when I am standing on the edge of a new crackle.

I told her: “Wendy, it drives me crazy! I have finally realized that I have been chasing Grace most of my life and yet, it’s a mirage, I can’t hold on to it and look now, I am angry. How ungraceful!”.

Her answer, took me back right into reality and was one of the hammer moments of opening to peace: “If you didn’t experience all the states of non-grace, your knowledge of grace and all its shades would be incomplete”.

Everything that I didn’t want in my life around the theme of grace was just a picture negative of that grace I was yearning for, a way for me to complete the picture and become choice-full, appreciative and compassionate with myself and others.

Accepting our human condition, accepting duality of the mind, opened a new stage of inner peace for me. I want to invite us all to welcome those divine qualities we yearn for in all their shades, negative and positive, developed or non-developed, known or unknown. And stop judging one another.

When I see now, an angry woman in the street, I prefer to wonder which shade of her own divine quality she is experiencing or struggling to experience yet, instead of judging her for being angry.

Do you know what is the divine quality you are obsessed with?

Every human, regardless of where he or she stands on their journey is walking an admirable path of evolution. Accepting where we are with kindness and generosity of spirit, helps us to become who we yearn to grow into.

I call for us all peace with duality for this opens the path to what lays beyond.


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