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Morning friday! Even if is not sooo early is because I couldn´t wake up! I think the hot from yesterday (almost 40°C Degrees) killed my body and head! I woke up with a stupid headacke and contracture, but I know is because I sleep very bad, IDK what is going on, between the terrible cold on north america and these stupid hot on south. Today I think we are going to breath cuz the temperature goes down 10° degress and is going to rain, YES is not that really weird?! Yesterday I being conect but I feel like idiot because I can´t focus when like so outside, I being on the pool, but was a moment that was also impossible be on the sun, so under shower and fresh air XD!

I know that probably nobody are enjoying so much the very extremo low temperatures but really, I prefer winter “for the health”, I mean I can wear a lot of clothes or put a blanket on me, turn on the calefactor and I will be perfect, with the hot, is just, I go to the pool, I turn on the air conditionare, but is never enough because is soooo strong that you can´t even breath correct…

Well may be I´m just crazy and is just me… Idk, but I not wish extreme temperatures to anybody!

Here a new realese from Black Swan, check that out at the store, is very sensual dress, so may be for a hot night (speaking about the hot)
Just one more extra thing, if someone need ask about the deco, is my home, so are my stuff, don´t be shine if you need to know about some stuff!

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