Anna Zaires-Obsession Mine

Holy intensity, Batman! Obsession Mine is OMG, OMG, OMG. I can’t compare it to other books I’ve read that are intense because they are each intense in their own ways. But, this will probably make it on my Top Ten intense story list, because damn.

Before I even get started, I’m going to tell you that this post is going to spoil Tormentor Mine. There are no two ways about it, that’s just what’s going to happen. If you have ever thought about reading TM, go read it right now and then come back to this post. I’ll put the rest of the post behind a jump, just to give you a chance to stay unspoiled. I’ll just say that yes, I loved TM, and yes, I love OM. They are some dark, twisted, intense stories. I mean, just the way that Peter and Sara meet is dark and twisted. Go check TM out and then come back. If you’ve read it or you’ve prepared yourself for spoilers, then let’s crack on, shall we?

OK, so Tormentor Mine ends up on a cliffhanger, with Peter having drugged Sara so that he can take her with him as he flees from the FBI. He knows that it’s going to take Sara away from everything she knows, but he can’t live without her, he’s obsessed with her, so he does what he feels he has to do. Meanwhile, the FBI is right behind them. He and his men manage to get them away and to an airplane that takes them away.

Sara wakes up to discover that she has no more life. She can’t be a doctor anymore, she can’t be with her parents, she’s now Peter’s prisoner, even if he says that she’s not his prisoner, she’s his woman. At least he sets it up so that she can talk to her parents. That doesn’t mean that she doesn’t try to get away. In fact, she does try to escape, and it doesn’t go very well.

Peter tries to get Sara to love him the same way that he loves her but knows it’s going to be hard to overcome their introduction. Sara is torn about her feelings about Peter. Sometimes she hates him, sometimes she loves him. She feels bad about hating him, she feels guilty about loving him. No matter how she feels about him, she always wants him. I totally get why he’s hot and intense in that hot and intense way. Of course, I’m not always sure that what Peter feels for her is love. Obsession, yes, but love?

OK, now we’re going to separate. I have said on FB several times that this book killed me dead, and it really did. I may have cursed Anna’s name when I finished it. I expected the massive cliffhanger that was coming, having read other books of hers, but that doesn’t mean that I was happy to see it. There is no HEA here, there isn’t even an HFN right now. It’s all cliffhanger, and of course, Anna’s going to make us wait and wait and wait and wait… At this point, she could put out the next book tomorrow and it would still be too long a wait. I’m going to have to reread these books several times before the next one comes out.

Seriously, this book. I mean, right? If you’ve read it, you know what I mean.

I’m surprised that Peter let Sara keep talking to her parents as often as she did. I mean, yeah, I know that he wanted her to feel better, but it always upset her, which upset him, so I’m surprised that he let it happen. Of course, he knew that she was worried about her dad’s health, but…

At the end, it seemed to me like Peter was going to let Sara go, maybe, since he felt guilty over her accident, but then, all of sudden, nope. There’s a way that he’ll be able to have his cake and eat it too. Or maybe keep his Sara and impregnate her too. However, you want to put it. It all means the same thing. Of course, Sara has an opinion about that. She doesn’t really want to get pregnant by Peter because then they’ll be tied together. Of course, that’s partly why Peter wants her to be pregnant, so that they’ll be tied together. See how that works?

I just can’t wait to get to the third book. I really hope we don’t have to wait for too long.

OK, that’s all I have to say today. If I keep talking, I would definitely end up spoiling everything, so I need to stop now.

We have all kinds of good things coming up in the next few weeks. There’s a running tab of what ARCs I have and what days they are releasing on the FB page, so if you want to keep track, that’s a good place to look. Meanwhile, happy reading!

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