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Tendre Veillée (2013)

by Scarlett Bailey(Favorite Author)
3.84 of 5 Votes: 3
2811211101 (ISBN13: 9782811211103)
review 1: A lovely read, set in a snowy English countryside; romantic and probably a tad predictable, but believable characters that had me laughing out loud with their comments and antics. A am moved by stories of close friendships and this definitely covers the ups and downs of these, along with the forgiveness and love that goes with them.It was light, happy reading, just right for this time of year or anytime you need to put a smile on your face !
review 2: Cute, fun, easy read. More of a 3 1/2 star read for me, but since there's no half ratings, 3 will do. I enjoy a good seasonal read, but the problem is that while it's easy to find the seasonal part, it's a bit harder to find the good part. Usually holiday books have some sort of magical star or intervenin
... moreg Santa - thankfully this book had neither. It did, however, have loads of British charm and hijinks. And while I loved the girlfriend friendships, the drafty old inn, the local pub and the leading man, I did not appreciate the editing errors. Missing words, really? How does this happen nowadays?If this book was a bit less choppy, it would be a solid 4 star for me. less
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3.5 ça ne casse pas 3 pattes à un canard mais c'était mignon et drôle!
Enjoyable read, with likeable characters.
Cosy, festive and very enjoyable.
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