Universe is willing to give you anything you desire, only if you are willing to walk on the path provided for it.

From all our daily activities, and the things we spend our time on, how many of us can say these are the things which will make us manifest what we want in life. How many of us can say this is what am I doing and this is what am I supposed to do with my life?

Quite very few of us, none of us can deny that most of the time we indulge in doing the things which have no concern with where we do want to go!

But still at the end after wasting all the time we blame destiny or karma for not giving us what we want, or not getting us where we want to go. Do we seriously got a right to blame destiny?

We had all the choice and all the time in the world yet we chose to screw ourselves over and over again by not doing what we should be doing. Blaming is easy but all it takes is courage to take the control of your life in your own hand.

How many of us have sit down in silence for a while and have decided to think about where are we actually going in life? Have you ever taken time to see where do you have to go and what path are uou walking on right now? Does it even matters to you in the end of your life or it will just lead to the situation you don’t want to face.

Every path has its own destination. Destination is what we ought to reach a particular goal. But which path to walk on is what we choose. If you choose to walk the other way you will not get what you want, and in order to get what you want you must be willing to walk on the path too.

Take time and realize, Are you really going where you want to go? 

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