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The Musician's Daughter (2008)

by Susanne Dunlap(Favorite Author)
3.67 of 5 Votes: 5
1599903326 (ISBN13: 9781599903323)
Bloomsbury Publishing PLC
review 1: Very Enjoyable!I love the violin myself and felt a connection to this book, in the sense of love for music.I liked how the main character Theresa was pretty smart and not one of those slow frustrating characters. In many books that I have read that involve some sort of mystery, I would be coming to conclusions almost as quickly as the evidence was presented while the character wouldn't figure it out until the end of the book/series...or never.But this book wasn't like that. Theresa came to all the conclusions I came up with right away. It was refreshing because I wasn't sitting there like "Hello! The answer is RIGHT here, just pay attention!" I also really liked the romance. It was very light, cute, and didn't leave you feeling awkward. Zoltan was the perfect gentlemen and... more that is usually the type of male love interest that I prefer; a character that respects the main character as well as everyone around her/him (well except maybe the antagonist). I am looking forward to reading the "Mozart Conspiracy".My only criticism is that this book was a little bit slow, yet not to the point of frustration. It was actually far from it. I think it is a great read and I would especially recommend it to classical music lovers!Enjoy :)
review 2: This book was a very interesting read, but not my type of style. I usually like a good historical fiction book and it was about music. I thought that it would be right up my alley but I found that the plot never seemed to develop and neither did the characters. The whole story was pretty shallow. And, as for the romance, it never got that deep to actually call it a romance novel which is what it was. All-in-all, I would not recommend this book to a friend because of the lack of character/plot development and confusing vocabulary. less
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Since I happen to be a fifteen-year-old viola/violin player, I really connected with book.
Honestly, this story plot held a lot of potential, however, was poorly executed.
i didn't really got into this book as i thought I would be.
So great, would recommend!
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