Batman: White Knight issue #2

Batman: White Knight issue 2 continues the strange tale of a out of control Batman and a Joker changed into someone we don’t recognize or could never have been believed to have been possible. The transformation is complete and there is only Jack Napier.

The video of Batman’s violence has exploded all over social media and people and talking heads alike agree that the Caped Crusader has gone too far. On trial for his life, the Joker makes an impassioned plea and the world recognizes that the Joker is no more and the man left in place, Jack Napier becomes the voice of the middle class citizen whose biggest fear is not the criminals on the street; but the vigilante street justice.

Batman has his own worries, mainly the illness that is taking from him his mentor and friend, Alfred Pennyworth.

As Napier begins his crusade against the Batman, he discovers a secret about his past that he never realized. A secret that will both aid and hinder him. A secret about the woman he loved; Harley Quinn. Together, they begin to build an army of resistance against the GCPD and the Batman. Supervillians that will do whatever Napier commands and with the support of the people of Gotham, will this finally be the end of the Batman.

Issue two continues this original and entertaining comic and ties together some of the more interesting questions of the Batman Universe. The interaction between the Harley Quinns is priceless and quickly becomes a driving theme in this tale. Is the Joker really acting for the good of Gotham or is this even a greater ingenious plan to destroy the Batman.

This comic is very much worth its following and those who miss it will be kicking themselves when this run is complete!

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