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by Stuart Neville(Favorite Author)
3.67 of 5 Votes: 3
1616952040 (ISBN13: 9781616952044)
Soho Crime
review 1: 4.25 Stars. I really like the way Neville writes. He immerses you in the story, the place, the people. In this instance it is Ireland in the 1960s. Lt Albert Ryan is ordered to investigate the killings of a couple of Nazis who have sought refuge in Ireland. The investigation puts Ryan in contact with many unsavory characters. There are many twists and turns, that lead to an outstanding end. Neville's books are dark. There is plenty of violence and a torture scene or two that are quite difficult. It is well-worth sticking through the tough stuff. There are passages that made me stop and re-read, they were so beautifully written. I really liked Albert Ryan. He has a sense of right and wrong and a need to seek justice. This one is nominated for a Barry and Macavi... morety. Definitely recommended.
review 2: There are bad Nazis and worse Nazis and they all seemed to pass through or stay in Ireland after the war. It's 1963, President Kennedy is coming to Ireland, and the government wants no scandals. But someone is killing Nazis in spectacular and noticeable fashion and the powers that be want it to stop before someone realizes who these guys actually are. A beautiful realization of the claustrophic Irish socieity of the day and written with style and insight. less
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Really enjoying thriller on a interesting topic - especially for lovers of Irish politics!
A pretty good book. The plot labored a bit but all in all I enjoyed it.
Barely believable shallow characters. It's ok but not top flight.
enjoyed this one, easy read once I got used to the Irish names.
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