Review: The Coldest Fear (Shades of Death #3) by Debra Webb

A killer with nothing left to lose…

Afraid or not, Detective Bobbie Gentry has a monster to confront. The pain of losing her family and nearly her life to a criminal’s vile hunger is still fresh, but now the landscape is different. Now she’s not alone. Now she has Nick Shade to trust. Nick treats the terror of his past with vengeance. He’s dedicated his life to hunting serial killers, and he’d give up his last breath to save Bobbie. When a string of killings bloodies Savannah’s elite society and causes cold cases to resurface, Bobbie is captured in a city more haunted than Nick’s inescapable nightmares. And as the murderer strikes close, Nick and Bobbie will need to become even closer if they’re going to survive.

My Thoughts
★★★★☆ Riveting and suspenseful

Ever since I discovered the Faces of Evil books I have been a fan of Debra Webb. When I’m not sure of what to read she’s one of my go-to author, because I can always count on a riveting and suspenseful story and The Coldest Fear was no exception.

I’ve been following the Shades of Death books from the beginning and while some series tend to lose momentum or my interest, I’m still very much invested in these characters and want to see more. The books feature Detective Bobbie Gentry and serial killer hunter, Nick Shade who both face unimaginable nightmares. Bobbie’s story is so heart wrenching and yet instead of feeling pity for her, I admire her courage, resilience and determination to bring justice to her loved ones. Likewise, Nick, a man with a broken past who has seen the world he once knew twisted by a serial killer too close to home, is on a mission to hunt down criminals and prove that he is nothing like them. These characters are definitely my reason for reading these books. Bobbie is vulnerable and yet such a strong heroine and I can see how she and Nick are mutually drawn to one another. I hold these characters emotionally close and I find the plot supports them well. Over the course of the books, I’ve gotten closer to the characters and seen first-hand the characters battle evil, and grow in so many ways from learning to trust again and living with purpose.

The plot involves a missing children cold case. Bobbie is drawn into the case by a serial killer who is setting the stage to reveal a life-changing secret. Along the way elite members of the community are being murdered. As Bobbie and Nick chase down the killer they realize they are more connected than they first thought.

Debra Webb doesn’t hold back in creating her monsters and the scenes can be disturbing, and for me that makes the characters even more real. These are the moments that really showcase the evil but gives the characters the opportunity to fight and survive. I did find some aspects of the plot predictable but overall still a suspenseful read. I can’t wait for more books in this series.

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