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Zomervlinders (2010)

by Milly Johnson(Favorite Author)
4.1 of 5 Votes: 5
review 1: ISBN? - 9781847392831Genre? - Chic Lit / Romance / DramaCharacters? - Vladimir / Dawn / Callum / Grace / Anna Moray / Christie / Raychel / BenSetting? - EnglandSeries? - N/ATitle? - I have no idea what this title refers to; possibly the shortness of relationships in this novel?Character Analysis? - However, I did really like the ending, and how Dawn finally realised that she didn't want to marry Callum, and Anna got with Vladimir, and Grace managed to leave her husband and could openly see her kids. A very neat ending.General Comments? - I wasn't really very fond of this book at the beginning, as it seemed to drag out with no action. However, from about halfway through, it got interesting and there were so many twists and turns. I think it would have been better to spread ... morethe action throughout the book rather than packing it all in at the end.Recommend? - Good concept, not good execution.
review 2: A Summer Fling by Milly JohnsonLoved loved loved it. I was immersed in the book from the first page and couldn't wait each day to read more. The struggle these women all went through trying to get their lives in order had me snatching every available half hour to read. What I liked the most, I think, is the community that the author has created, and the problems they needed to sort out. I loved these characters and wanted to move to Barnsley to be near them. They would take me into their group, wouldn't they?Why, oh why, can't I buy ebooks versions of British fiction in the US? I'm looking for "Here Come the Girls" by Milly Johnson, and the only place I can find it is a used paperback from amazon. I just don't understand why ebooks aren't available all over the world. It makes no sense to me.I will definitely be reading more of Milly Johnson's books. She has become my latest favorite Brit author, and this was the perfect summer read.'To women, because we're bloody marvelous.' - Milly Johnson- Indie less
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My favorite of her books so far. She's a fun British author, along the lines of Jill Mansell.
loved it. couldn't put it down. best chick lit in ages even though it was predictable
Excellent read. Made me laugh and made me cry.
Good summer, mindless read.
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