Black Friday Haul

Happy holidays! The holiday season has officially begun! I’ve always loved Black Friday shopping. The past few years, my mom, sister, grandmother and I would load up and take off Thursday night and stay out however long we wanted, just shopping around and enjoying each other, even when we didn’t buy very much.

This year, I’m doing seasonal retail work, and…. well, let’s just say my opinions on Black Friday have changed a lot! My store was open 27 hours and I worked 17 of those. I started Thursday night at 7, stayed until 4 am, then was back at work at 10 am and stayed until 7pm — needless to say, 17 hours in a small and crowded shop is far too many!

After seeing my schedule, I figured Black Friday shopping was out of the question, but my sister picked me up from work Friday night and we drove half an hour to Barnes and Noble anyway. She needed Christmas gifts and I needed a treat-yo-self after those hellish two days! They didn’t have an extravagant sales (I forgot to use my 25% off coupon though! UGH!) but with my B&N membership, I didn’t purchase anything at full price. So we hit the cafe first and spent an hour browsing the glorious shelves in relative peace. Here’s my haul!

The Grishaverse Trilogy

by Leigh Bardugo

I’ve already read these amazing novels, but when I saw these new covers I literally had no self control — and they were only marked at $11 a piece! With my membership, I was able to get them for about $9 each, which is awesome. The covers are so gorgeous and glossy. They are definitely fueling a desire to re-read… maybe in January when my Harry Potter readathon is finished. Anyone interested in joining?

Jane and the Twelve Days of Christmas

by Stephanie Barron

‘Tis the season! I saw this book in LitLetters reveal of their December theme, and I just had to have it. I completely adore Jane Austen, and I’m in need of some new Christmas reads. The reviews sound great, so I’m excited to dive in!

The Power of Myth

by Joseph Campbell with Bill Moyers

I found this beautiful hardback in the bargain section. I’ve never read Joseph Campbell but you don’t get far into a literature degree without at least hearing about Campbell’s theories of myth and heroes. I love a good discussion driven non-fiction, so I’m excited to get into this one. I may try to get through it before I begin Tolkien this winter.

So that’s the unexpected Black Friday Haul from Barnes and Noble. I also did a little shopping this morning for bookmarks and candles and made an order with Thriftbooks which will come your way soon. I ordered some themed bookmarks for my sister’s friends which will go with the books she bought them, and picked out some for my sister an best friend for their Christmas gifts, and of course, bought a few for myself. I think I’ll make a bookish candle order too…. Who thought payday on Black Friday was a clever idea?!

Did you pick up any Black Friday books?

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