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The Unfinished Journals Of Elizabeth D (2012)

by Nichole Bernier(Favorite Author)
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Allen & Unwin Australia
review 1: "But that's the funny thing about people who don't fit into a box. They grow to infiltrate everything, and when they suddenly go missing, they are missing everywhere.""It seemed a dangerous thing, having more children than hands.""Everything in her world now was small and subtle, little passive-aggressive digs. She preferred it the other way. At least you knew where you stood with people.""For a moment she'd imagined stepping off the rock, dropping into the froth and surge and letting her lungs fill with water. She loved her son, she loved her husband. But that love only added to the impulse. She'd known, after she climbed back down to the sand, that it wasn't something she could explain to anyone.""The moment a person is gone it becomes critical to define her, makin... moreg a life into a thing memorialized. The complex and contradictory person she had been was slowly being reduced to its essence . . .""Kate noted his use of the past and the present tense both, and realized that's just how love was, something that would always exist between the tenses.""She wished she could hand him a journal, a guide to the person she'd become in the past year that would make it all clear, just place it beside him on the bench and walk away."
review 2: It's been a long, long time since I read such an excellent book. The subject is different....a woman inherits a dear friend's trunk of journals, with a request to read them from the beginning and then do what is right with the journals. Quite a responsibility, and of course, heartwrenching for the husband who has just lost his wife and then learns that she did not trust him with her innermost thoughts. It is a many-layered book, raising important questions about loyalty - to family and to self - and the legacy we want to leave behind.Highly recommended. I read this in 24 hours - literally could not put it down. less
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The author has an excellent understanding of the subtleties in a normal marriage.
Compelling. A great summer read. Would be a great book for a book club.
I never felt connected to either of the women.
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